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Oxygen Concentrators

While oxygen concentrator providers typically focus on 1 year rental, there is also a short-term rental market for oxygen equipment.

As oxygen concentrator provider WORLD HEALTH CARE splits the business model into two main categories: One is called rental, but that really describes the option for long term household use as the patient need the oxygen for longer period for chronical illness with this model patient also have the option of required installation and help with oxygen cylinder installations for a very affordable price.

The other model is true rental, in which companies usually specialized providers offer true equipment rental and support for patients with short-term needs.

The first group is long-term oxygen therapy patients, primarily chronic pulmonary patients. They are likely to use oxygen supplements an average of 15 hours a day. Much of that is at home, where they may use a tank system as a primary source but portable oxygen concentrators are expanding patient horizons with devices that are compact, lightweight and less intrusive.

The second group overlaps the first: it might be a home oxygen patient who just needs a POC or other arrangement for an event or trip, or as support for another treatment.

WORLD HEALTH CARE dedicated its specialized team for its patients and timely delivery is our focus.

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